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Halloween Pictures

Gleason Portrait Gallery
Halloween Mini Sessions
Kids pictures, Halloween Pictures.

Well here we are in July already, I can’t believe it. So many things to do and summer is so short. I just want to hang on to each moment and make it last. Ahhh…Summer in Michigan.

One of the things to think about are family portraits. This is the time that families gather together for family picnics and time before the hectic schedules of fall begin again. We would love to be just a little part of that, and create an amazing family portrait for you to display and enjoy for many years to come.

Contact us to talk about how we can help you pull this all together.


In the month of July Gleason Portrait Gallery will be offering 50% off on our Regular portrait session.

The Masters session: 4 hrs with our Master/Craftsman photographer Rod Gleason.

The Deluxe session: 2.5 hrs with Rod.

The Classic: 1 hour with Rod.

All of these session include our in studio camera room and our outdoor location, which offers a beautiful landscape of wooded area and a small pond with island. The Masters session would also include any extra props you would be interested in bringing. Props that would showcase your hobbies, sports, music, drama, art…anything that makes you uniquely you.

Rod loves creativity and always works toward a piece of art that is unique to you.

Call now for an appointment! 517.641.4306

July Senior Sessions are 50% off on Studio Sessions. Call the studio 517.641.4306

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